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Party in the hure Picture Library, Founders Building, to Celebrate the Official cairo Launch of the Centre for namibia the Reception of Greece Rome escort at Royal Holloway bordel by Professor Michael Edwards, Director of the Institute frau of Classical Studies.
Christian Laes, Catholic University, Leuven: "Child labour and slave agentur labour in Roman agentur antiquity".19.15 Dinner for residential delegates at Athlone HUB.16.15 Tea at British Library.15 Plenary Discussion.00 Conference ends.Peter Keegan, Macquarie University: sucht damen "Reading the 'Pages' of the domus Caesaris pueri delicati, sucht slave education, and the graffiti of the Palatine paedagogium".Natalie Kampen, Barnard College, Columbia University: "Slavery in the military: problems of iconography".Imagining the Origins of Freedom in Homeric Greece".Keith Bradley, University of Notre Dame: "Apuleius and the sub-Saharan slave trade".12.00 Dr Emily Greenwood, School original of Classics, University of St Andrew: "Classics and Liberal Education: paradoxes plot in the poetry of Phillis Wheatley".12.15 Buffet Lunch adjacent to Lecture Theatre.30 Dr Kelly Joss Wrenhaven, Dept huren of Greek Roman Studies, University of Victoria, Canada: "Greek Representations of the Slave Body: a conflict of ideas?". Dezember 2007 (Royal Holloway).30 Welcome.40 Dr Brycchan Carey, Reader of ersten English Literature, Kingston University: "Modern marrakech Solutions to an ancient problem: abolishing the hagen British Slave Trade".
Sandra Joshel, University of Washington: "Geographies of Slave Containment trier and Movement".
14.45 Justine McConnell, Doctoral Student, Dept of Classics, Royal Holloway University of London: "Eumaeus and Eurycleia in the vorarlberg Deep treffen South: Odyssean slavery in 'Sommersby.
15.15 Patrice Rankine, Professor in the keinen Interdisciplinary Program, Purdue University, Illinois: "Odysseus as zweibrücken Slave?
10.15 Professor William.
11.15 Professor Ahuvia Kahane, Professor of Greek, Royal Holloway University of London: "Ethical Modalities and States of the Modern".
McMaster University, Hamilton, Ontario, Canada.
14.00 Dr Boris Nikolsky, Associate Professor of Classics at the Russian State University of Humanities, Moscow: "Euripides' Cyclops: concepts of freedom and slavery".14:30 Laura frau Proffitt, PhD Student, Dept of Classics, Royal Holloway University of London: "Menander's 'Habrotonon' the scholarly treatment of a prostituted slave".15.15 Tea adjacent to lecture theatre.00 Professor William Fitzgerald, Professor Elect of Latin, King's College, hure London: "The trier Minimal Addition".Philip de trier Souza, University College Dublin: "Slavery in the Roman Iconography of War".Noel Lenski, University of Colorado: "Working Models: Functional Art and the Ancient Conception of Labour".Dezember 2007 (British Library).15 termine Welcome and introduction to resources: British Library Team.30 Professor Richard Alston, Professor of Roman History, Royal Holloway University of London: "The Good Master: Pliny, Hobbes, and the Nature of Freedom".10.30 Professor John Hilton, Classics Programme, University of KwaZulu-Natal, Durban, South Africa: "The Representation of Roman Slavery in the Enforcement and Abolition of Slavery at the Cape of Good Hope".11.00 coffee provided in British Library.30 trier Professor Edith Hall, Professor of Classics Drama, Royal Holloway University of London: "Abolitionists and the Classics in Britain".Thalmann, Professor of Classics and Comparative Literature, University of Southern California: "Some Ancient Representations of Slavery".

17.00 Dr Deborah Kamen, Assistant Prof of Classics hure at the University of Washington, Seattle: "The Active Slave: Representing Slavery in Martial".
Salmon Conference: Roman Slavery and Roman Material Culture.
Henrik Mouritsen, King's College, London: "Slavery and manumission in two aristocratic Roman households".